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Free Poetry Resources To Engage Your English Students This Term

You have until 1st October 2022 to get your free resource!

Give your students that lightbulb moment this new school year with a free engaging poetry recital and insightful fact sheet on key poems in your curriculum.

Your resource combo will help you:

  • Engage your students with poetry
  • Boost critical thinking and analysis
  • Easily address key curriculum areas 

London - William Blake

Chris Harper recites William Blake’s ‘London’. Follow an unknown speaker as he walks through the murky and sordid streets of London.


The Farmer's Bride - Charlotte Mew

Ashlin Green provides two distinct recitals of Charlotte Mew's 'The Farmer's Bride'. The speaker reflects upon his estranged bride.

The Farmers Bride

Exposure - Wilfred Owen

Mark Thompson provides two distinct recitals of Wilfred Owen's 'Exposure'. An unknown soldier considers the threat of exposure to the elements.


Teaching other poetry texts? 

These e-learning resources are taken from our 'Poetry in Action' series. Poetry in Action offers a range of resources designed to strengthen understanding of poetry and the verse.

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