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Let's Get Critical: Using Performance to Teach Critical Thinking Skills

Access the resources for our exclusive professional learning experience below. 

Critical Thinking Panel Discussion

DT+'s Educator Success Specialist, Dr. Anna Bean, and Director of Education, Hannah Marr, discuss the value of teaching critical thinking with the Managing Director of Critical Thinkers and Educational Psychologist, Vicky Heath, and award-winning teacher, James Clarke.

Teaching Demonstration

James uses Digital Theatre+'s Compare and Contrast Choices Guide to teach Critical Thinking skills using different performances of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. We have provided this guide for free below, so you can pick up this lesson and teach it yourself with your chosen text!

Sneak preview of Digital Theatre+

Take a look at this quick video to discover the multitude of productions, video resources, lesson plans and written guides.

Platform demo

Compare and Contrast Choices Guide

As an extra gift and to help save you time, we are providing the guide used in the teaching demonstration!

Download now!


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