At Digital Theatre we believe the arts are for everyone, not just the few. Harnessing the power of technology and the passion of like-minded people, we want to bring live performance into every classroom and library, accompanied by a range of invaluable educational resources for illustration, explanation, and critical reflection.

Founded in 2009, Digital Theatre+ is already the world’s leading educational platform for the performing arts. Today, we provide 3 million students in over 2,000 schools, colleges and universities across 65 countries with unlimited access to over 1000+ full-length productions and educational resources.

We collaborate with over 50 world-class theatre companies, industry associations, practitioners, teachers, examination boards and scholars to:

  • Capture and curate live performance in stunning quality
  • Bring an unprecedented range of insights from behind the scenes
  • Commission bespoke educational resources to support study at every level.

DT+ is constantly evolving and growing, with more filmed productions and interviews as well as superb written content being added every month. We’re also working hard behind our own scenes to refine the platform and make every item of content easily discoverable and handily linked to other relevant materials.

We want the range of content to reflect the diversity and excitement of contemporary theatre and performance around the world and to serve the needs of all our audiences. And we want to showcase the quality of thinking behind the study and the teaching of practice, history and theory in theatre studies today. Whether that’s through documentaries, masterclasses, lectures, study guides, practical workshop guides or encyclopedia entries, our aim is for DT+ to provide an essential service in the teaching and study of performance in all its magnificent variety.

To find out more about subscribing to DT+, contact us at or call the team on 0203 3873 1330.