Founded in 2009, Digital Theatre+ is the world’s leading educational platform for English and the Performing Arts, providing over 3 million students, within over 1000 schools, colleges and universities, across 65 countries, with access to 900+ theatre productions and educational resources.

We collaborate with renowned theatre companies, actors and creatives to capture live performances in stunning quality and bring you insights from behind the scenes; we curate the very best productions from over 50 of the world’s leading arts organisations; and we commission educational resources from leading practitioners and academics. 

DT+ is constantly evolving, with more productions, interviews, and written content being added every month. In fact, the content available on the platform nearly tripled in 2016:

  • 410+ classic, contemporary and international productions, with many exclusive to DT+
  • 270+ exclusive interviews exploring the dramatic, technical theatre-making process, as well as experimental, post-dramatic and applied theatre
  • 210+ essays, documentaries, lectures, and study guides, covering theatre history, context, language analysis, encyclopedia entries, and practical techniques

Accessing quality English and Drama resources is a challenge for educational institutions. Teachers tell us that Digital Theatre+:

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