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Cast & creative team


  • Antigone/Archivist
    Holly Georgia
  • Creon/Eteocles/Archivist
    Nicholas Cass-Beggs
  • Ismene/Drone Operative/Archivist
    Nathalie Barclay
  • Haemon/Polynecies/Archivist
    Will Bridges
  • Eurydice/Tiresias/Archivist
    Crystal Brown


  • Tamsin Shasha
  • Sophocles
    Original Text
  • Christopher Adams
  • Charlotte McClelland
    Lighting Design
  • Helen Coyston
    Set/Costume Design
  • Matt Eaton
    Sound/Composition Design
  • Deirdre Daly
    Associate Director
  • Fiona Kingwell
    Assistant Director
  • Ally Cologna
    Outside Eye
  • Professor Simon Goldhill
    Consultant Academic
  • Edmund Sutton
    Technical Manager
  • Anna Robinson
    Costume Assistant
  • Megan Rogers
    General Manager
  • Rosie Niblett/Ben Ottridge
    Graphic Designers