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  • The New York Times

    "Pipeline... confirms [Morisseau's] reputation as a playwright of piercing eloquence. She bravely and repeatedly dives into the muddled shadows of social issues often presented in cold statistics and cleanly drawn graphs."

Cast & creative team


  • Laurie
    Tasha Lawrence
  • Xavier
    Morocco Omari
  • Nya
    Karen Pittman
  • Omari
    Namir Smallwood
  • Dun
    Jamie Lincoln Smith
  • Jasmine
    Heather Velazquez


  • Dominique Morisseau
  • Lileana Blain-Cruz/Habib Azar
  • Matt Saunders
    Set Designer
  • Montana Levi Blanco
    Costume Designer
  • Yi Zhao
    Lighting Designer
  • Justin Ellington
    Original Music and Sound
  • Hannah Wasileski
    Projection Designer