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  • New York Times

    “A harrowing and disturbingly funny parable for the dawn of the 21st century.”
  • Variety

    "The play exists on the knife-edge of psychosis."

Cast & creative team


  • Macbeth
    Antony Sher
  • Lady Macbeth
    Harriet Walter
  • King Duncan
    Joseph O'Conor
  • Banquo
    Ken Bones
  • Macduff
    Nigel Cooke
  • Malcolm
    John Dougall
  • Ross
    Paul Webster
  • Old Man/Doctor
    Trevor Martin
  • Porter/Seyton
    Stephen Noonan
  • Weird Sister
    Noma Dumezweni
  • Gentlewoman/Weird Sister
    Polly Kemp
  • Lady Macduff/Weird Sister
    Diane Beck
  • Lennox
    Guy Moore
  • Donalbain/Young Seyward
    Robert Whitelock
  • Menteth/Bloody Captain
    John Killoran
  • Angus
    Richard Armitage
  • Macbeth's Servant
    Glenn Chapman
  • Soldier
    Jeff Alexander
  • Young Macduff
    Graeme Flynn
  • Fleance
    Gareth Williams


  • William Shakespeare
  • Gregory Doran
  • Tim Mitchell
    Original Stage Lighting
  • John A Leonard/For Aura
    Original Stage Sound
  • Rebecca Greenham
    Set Decorator
  • Stephen Brimson Lewis
    Costume & Production Designer
  • Sian Williams
    Movement Director
  • Terry King
    Fight Director
  • Adrian Lee
    Composer/Music Performer & Director
  • John Wyver/Sebastian Grant