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  • Four stars

    The Guardian

    "Antony Sher is unbearably moving as the volatile king, in Gregory Doran’s stellar production full of standout performances."
  • Four stars


    "Sher himself is as monumental as the role…there’s no doubt you’re in the hands of one of this generation’s great Shakespearean actors, and he’s never less than mesmerising to watch."

Cast & creative team


  • King Lear
    Antony Sher
  • Goneril
    Nia Gwynne
  • Regan
    Kelly Williams
  • Cordelia
    Natalie Simpson
  • Edmund
    Paapa Essiedu
  • Duke of Cornwall
    James Clyde
  • Earl of Kent
    Antony Byrne
  • Edgar
    Oliver Johnstone
  • Oswald
    Byron Mondahl
  • Duke of Albany
    Clarence Smith
  • Earl of Gloucester
    David Troughton
  • Fool
    Graham Turner
  • Captain
    Marcus Griffiths
  • King of France, Charles II
    Marcus Griffiths
  • Duke of Burgundy
    Theo Ogundipe
  • Herald
    Theo Ogundipe
  • Gentleman
    Eke Chukwu
  • Curan
    Kevin N. Golding
  • Doctor
    Kevin N. Golding
  • Old Man
    Ewart James Walters
  • Messenger
    Romayne Andrews
  • Servant
    Romayne Andrews
  • Servant
    James Cooney
  • Messenger
    Jenny Fennessy
  • Servant
    Jenny Fennessy
  • Messenger
    Bethan Cullinane
  • Messenger
    Marième Diouf
  • Knight
    Simon Carr
  • Knight
    Morgan Cave
  • Knight
    David Claridge
  • Knight
    George Davis-Riley
  • Knight
    Phoenix Di Sebastiani
  • Knight
    Brandon Dodsworth
  • Knight
    Freddy Goymer
  • Knight
    Anthony Newbould
  • Knight
    Thomas Stafford
  • Knight
    Caroline Ward
  • Knight
    Graham Wilkes
  • Knight
    Anton Wright


  • Gregory Doran
    Stage Director
  • Robin Lough
    Screen Director
  • Ilona Sekacz
  • Niki Turner
  • Tim Mitchell
  • Jonathan Ruddick
  • Michael Ashcroft
  • Bret Yount
  • Anna Girvan
    Assistant Director
  • Carl Root
    Production Manager
  • Jan Winstone
    Music Director
  • Kate Godfrey
    Company Voice and Text Work
  • Ed Parry
    Costume Supervisor
  • Linda Fitzpatrick
    Stage Manager
  • Zoë Donegan
  • John Wyver
    Producer, Live from Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Hannah Miller CDG
    Casting Director
  • Jondon
    Company Manager
  • George Hims
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Rachel Harris
    Assistant Stage Manager