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  • Four stars

    The Stage

    "Vibrant Indian retelling of the Scottish Play, rich in style"

Cast & creative team


  • Macbeth
    Robert Mountford
  • Lady Macbeth
    Shaheen Khan
  • Duncan, First witch, Murderer, Doctor and Chorus
    Ralph Birtwell
  • Malcolm, Second witch, Fleance Macduff's son and Chorus
    Deven Modha
  • Lady Macduff, Messenger, Servant, Attendant ,Gentlewoman, Porter and Chorus
    Shalini Peiris
  • Macduff, Murderer and Chorus
    Umar Pasha
  • Ross, Third witch, Murderer and Chorus
    John Afzal
  • Percussion
    Rax Timyr


  • Jatinder Verma
  • Claudia Mayer
  • Paul Keogan
    Lighting Designer
  • Hassan Mohyeddin
    Music Composer
  • Paul Bull
    Sound Designer