Following our release of the Almeida Theatre's celebrated production of King Lear we are delighted to draw your attention to our set of accompanying interviews with the creative minds behind the production, and the actors who embody their work on stage. 

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Michael Attenborough: on directing 

The Artistic Director of the Almeida Theatre takes us through his vision of King Lear. His desire to focus on Shakespeare's text and the innermost wants and desires of the characters.  

Phoebe Fox: on acting

Phoebe Fox takes us through the acting processes she employed to unlock Cordelia. She looks at why Cordelia may not be as innocent as she seems using Shakespeare's text to analyse her.  

Richard Goulding and Kieran Bew: on acting

Richard Goulding and Kieran Bew talk to us about the differences between working on a Shakespeare production versus a production by a contemporary playwright. 

Terry King: on fight directing

Terry King, a veteran in stage combat, discusses the complexity of creating violence onstage. As fight director on King Lear he unearths the tasks and responsibilities that his role demands. 

Trevor Fox: on acting

Trevor Fox describes his deeply personal response to King Lear and the ways in which he used his experience to inspire his performance. 

Tom Scutt: on design

Tom Scutt takes us through the creative challenges of designing a play as epic as King Lear in the intimate space of the Almeida Theatre. 

Image by Keith Pattison.