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Access these free resources on key texts designed to help you save time, develop literary skills, and support learners of all abilities.

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Spotlight On: Shakespeare

Spotlight On: Shakespeare

Teaching Shakespeare? Spotlight On: Shakespeare introduces William Shakespeare’s life, works, and influence through bite-sized videos.

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Unlocked- The Crucible video resource

Unlocked: The Crucible

Introducing your students to The Crucible? Access this short e-learning video from our Unlocked series to strengthen their understanding of the text.

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Physical Theatre (1)-1

Unlocked Study Guide: Macbeth

Covering major and minor characters, this Unlocked Study Guide provides everything you need to understand, engage with, and analyze the key characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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Poetry in Action: Emily Dickinson

Poetry in Action: I'm Nobody Who Are You by Emily Dickinson

This short e-learning video from our Poetry in Action series offers an engaging recital of Emily Dickinson's 'I’m Nobody! Who Are You?'. 

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