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Who? ELA Teachers (and Theatre teachers, Librarians and students) in middle school right through 12th grade, will benefit from this free trial!

What? Schools in your district will have access to thousands of ELA resources including over 650 full-length productions, 140 poetry recitals, and a wide range of educational tools, including lesson plans, study guides, e-learning videos and more!

Why? Boosting grades, engaging all types of learners, improving life skills, and saving teachers time are just some of the benefits you'll see when you try Digital Theatre+. Not only do you get full access for free during the trial period (which is a no-brainer – right?), but when you subscribe, you'll receive exclusive discounts to get the best possible price for your district.

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Sign up for this free trial and give schools in your district every single resource we offer. 


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Hear from teachers in the Houston Independent School District about the key ways in which they and their students have benefited from their subscriptions to Digital Theatre+.