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Making Shakespeare Cool

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"How to Make Shakespeare Cool" Discussion

This discussion between DT+'s Educator Success Specialist Dr. Anna Bean and expert teachers Katie Weible and Brian Hinds introduces their lesson plans and learning objectives. Both videos are on making Shakespeare's language accessible to students through exercises, using sound and movement.

Teaching Demonstrations

Brian focuses on a scene from Julius Caesar between Cassius and Brutus with his students, innovatively introducing staging and movement based on the dialogue. Katie's students work on realising the witches in Macbeth through her inventive use of sound effects, movement, and staging.

Shakespeare Lesson Reflections

Katie and Brian take a look back at their lessons, analyzing how the students connected with the texts of Julius Caesar and Macbeth. They will also share best practice advice and showcase how these ideas and tips could be used in the classroom. 

Lesson Plans

As an extra gift and to help save you time, we are providing a lesson plan for each demonstration.

Download the lesson plan for Brian's Julius Caesar  teaching demonstration now

Download the lesson plan for Katie's Macbeth  teaching demonstration now


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