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Welcome Middle School Theatre Teachers

Get your free middle school theatre toolkit! 

Transform your classroom into a stage where every student shines with a free theatre toolkit!

Packed with activities that put students at the center of their learning journey. From script analysis to Pantomime, each exercise sparks creativity and fosters collaboration.

Middle school toolkit

Add some sparkle to your middle school theatre lessons

Are you looking for accessible, high-quality resources to introduce your middle school students to the world of performance? 

A subscription to Digital Theatre+ will not only save you valuable time but also provide you with a wealth of innovative and engaging resources that will transport your students directly into the exciting world of theatre. 

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"It's fun, it's easy, it saves me time and then I get to be in the room and be with the kids. I just, I appreciate that so much."

Theatre teacher Katherine Goldman (Pin Oak Middle School, Houston) shares how Digital Theatre+ has helped her save time and engage her younger students.

Middle School Pricing 

Upgrading your middle school theatre lessons with a subscription to Digital Theatre+ has never been easier. 

We offer a special introductory rate to middle schools, meaning you can access everything on Digital Theatre+ from prices starting as low as $340.

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