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Access all 3 of your exclusive resources to help your students develop reading and literacy skills. 

The Hand by Guy de Maupassant: Writer's Tone

This engaging video brings an exciting short story to life. There's also an analysis section that explores a core area of study, identifies key quotes and terminology, and includes knowledge-checking questions that help students develop skills they can apply to reading later.

A Daily Joy to be Alive by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Poetry can be a great place to start a student's reading journey, so get your captivating recital that lifts the poem off the page. As the performers speak, key lines appear on the screen to strengthen the student's connection to the text.

What's an Oxymoron?

This bite-sized instructional video gives students the tools to identify literary devices as they read in an easy-to-digest way that is perfect for visual learners.

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