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Enjoy a Shakespeare party for the rest of the year!

Get everything you need for the ultimate Shakespeare lesson! For just $100 for the remainder of this school year*, you'll have every single production and instructional resource available on DT+! Simply sign up below...

*Subscription to DT+ available with login details for teachers and school staff only (excludes student logins). With this offer, your access will last until July 31, 2024. The $100 is fully refundable if you purchase a 2024/2025 subscription. This offer is only available to individual schools that do not currently subscribe to DT+. 

Got 2 minutes? Check out just some of the Shakespeare resources available with your subscription ⬇️

Happy Birthday Shakespeare
What will you have access to? 

Every day can be a Shakespeare party with a subscription to Digital Theatre+! You'll have access to a huge collection of productions, educational videos, lesson plans, documentaries, student workbooks and so much more. Check out our top picks!


Bring the magic of Shakespeare’s plays into your classroom with hundreds of productions from Shakespeare’s Globe, the Donmar Warehouse, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and more. From classic stagings to modern retellings, get a range of performances to help students fall in love with Shakespeare!

Educational Videos

From Spotlight On: Shakespeare which is designed for younger learners, to a dedicated series on key Shakespeare plays, covering everything from theme to characters, you will be able to engage your students with these bite-sized videos!

Manga Shakespeare

Looking for something different? Manga Graphic Novels are a series of illustrated texts that adapt Shakespeare classics into modern, visually engaging comics designed for developing an understanding of the text.

Expert insights

Hear from Shakespeare experts on everything from getting into character to staging Shakespeare plays. With big names such as David Tennant, Ben Crystal and Professor Carol Chillington, there's insight from an expert no matter what you're teaching!

Get my school's $100 subscription

Got more questions about your $100 subscription? 


Who will get access and how long for? 

You will get a subscription for every single teacher in your school until July, for just $100. No catch, no strings attached, just thousands of resources to save you time and keep your students engaged as you wind down to the end of the school year.

How can I make the most of my access?

We align to your state-standards! To make the most of your subscription get a quick tour of DT+ from an Education Specialist. They will be able to not only show you around to help you make the most of your access, but also help show you which resources align with your state standards, support your ongoing lessons, and help make resource suggestions for you! 

What happens if we want to purchase a subscription for the next academic year?

No problem! Your dedicated Education Specialist will be in touch with you to give you a bespoke quote for your institution and answer any questions. What’s more, if you do go on to purchase a subscription, you will get a refund for your $100 for this year!

Get my school's $100 subscription
Professional Development - Making Shakespeare Cool
Making Shakespeare Cool (1)-1

Making Shakespeare Cool is the professional learning experience loved by teachers!

With teaching demos, live discussions, and lesson plans, you'll get all the tools you need to help you get your students excited about Shakespeare, once and for all!

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Enjoyed the free Shakespeare blogs and PD?

Well there is plenty more where that came from! Don't miss out on unlimited access to DT+ for the rest of this year for just $100!

Get my school's $100 subscription