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Slam Poetry: Fuelling Student Creativity with Slam and Spoken Word Poetry

Get all the tools you need to fuel student creativity using slam and spoken word poetry!

Part 1: Panel Discussion

Hear from a panel of experts who will give you all the tools you need to create dynamic, inclusive lessons that integrate slam poetry techniques to empower students to find their voice, express perspectives and so much more!

Part 2: Resources to fuel student creativity

As well as the panel discussion, this professional development also includes resources that you can drop straight into your lessons to fast-track the incorporation of slam poetry.

The Hill We Climb: The Recital

Amanda Gorman's The Hill We Climb is the inauguration poem that encourages people to join together to overcome challenges. Hear from the panel how they use these recitals in their slam poetry lessons.

The Hill We Climb: The Analysis

Now that you have watched the recital, you can use the analysis videos to help your students understand the techniques used to create such a powerful poem that can be applied when they create their own spoken-word poetry.

Cultural Chameleon: The Recital

Mark Thompson recites his own spoken word poem, 'Cultural Chameleon'. During the poem, he reclaims his heritage and engages his audience to think. During the panel discussion, you hear how these recitals can boost students' connection to slam poetry.

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