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Spotlight On

Introduce younger learners to key topics in theatre with Spotlight On!

Designed especially for younger students, Spotlight On is a series of short, accessible e-learning videos and graphic organizers providing insights into core areas of theatre.

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Transform your theatre lessons with...

Spotlight On e-learning videos

E-Learning Videos

The short, accessible e-learning videos cover a wide range of topics, and include easy-to-understand information, terminology, fun facts and examples of content in action to encourage further learning.

Spotlight On graphic organizers

Graphic Organizers

Each e-learning video comes complete with an accompanying graphic organizer, making the information accessible and easy to digest with engaging new designs and activities relating to each topic.

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Spotlight On William Shakespeare

Spotlight On: William Shakespeare – access your free e-learning video!

Shine a light on William Shakespeare, covering his early life, rise to fame, and his lasting influence, with this bite-sized video.

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Access engaging resources for key topics including:

The Production Team

Spotlight On: The Production Team introduces students to the key roles involved in making theatre, covering:

  • The Actor

  • The Choreographer

  • The Costume Designer

  • The Director

  • The Lighting Designer

  • The Playwright

  • The Producer

  • The Set Designer

  • The Sound Designer

  • The Stage Manager


Spotlight On: Shakespeare introduces students to William Shakespeare’s life, works, and influence, covering:

  • Shakespeare's Comedies

  • Shakespeare's Globe

  • Shakespeare's Histories

  • Shakespeare's Language

  • Shakespeare's Soliloquies

  • Shakespeare's Supernatural Characters

  • Shakespeare's Tragedies

  • Shakespeare's Villains

  • Shakespeare's Words

  • William Shakespeare

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