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Welcome Australian educators

You deserve the resource that made teachers in New South Wales say their whole faculty was "obsessed". 

Digital Theatre+ is the ultimate tool for teachers and students in years 7-12, providing unlimited access to productions, poetry recitals, documentaries, and thousands of time-saving resources.

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How does Digital Theatre+ support teachers, students and librarians across Australia?

Click the area you are most interested in below and discover how Digital Theatre+ will be a game-changing, cross-curricular resource for you and your students. Ready to learn more? Get in touch to kickstart your access!

Why do Australian teachers love Digital Theatre+?

"My whole faculty are obsessed with DT+, both Drama and English teachers, so it’s money well spent from my end!


"Digital Theatre+ is used in our school in the English and Drama classrooms and has helped teachers create more engaging lessons when teaching theatre and literature styles. It has enhanced how teachers cover certain practitioners like William Shakespeare and allowed for creating lessons that foster independence in student learning."

"The inclusion of Digital Theatre+ in my lessons and as extension content for students has been exceptionally valuable...we have watched whole productions from Frantic Assembly that have inspired and changed their use of movement in class workshops and performances. Students have come to love and rely on Digital Theatre+ as a tool through which they can immerse themselves in theatre that they do not have access to... The quality of the recordings, which translate well from stage to screen, also help make the user experience far more enjoyable. Thank you for curating this wonderful online resource in a sophisticated and user friendly way!"

"The huge range of productions on the platform has opened a much deeper and wider smorgasbord of theatre experiences. Everything from Melodrama to the Theatre of the Absurd. So useful and interesting has it been, that many of the Drama students have enquired of their English teachers about why they weren't using it in English lessons. (At the time of purchasing the subscription the English teachers didn’t think they would use it). The English staff have now also become avid proponents of the platform."

- English Teacher, St Columban's College, Queensland

-  Senior Drama Teacher, Loreto Kirribilli School, Sydney

- Head of Drama,  Hills Grammar, Sydney

How does Digital Theatre+ support the teaching of English in Australia?

Teaching English just got a whole lot easier, with resources aligned to the Australian National Curriculum

From engaging productions to dynamic poetry recitals, English teachers in Australia have a range of high-quality resources to bring the texts they teach to life. Access our range of curriculum-aligned resources to help your students develop the skills and knowledge crucial to the study of English. 

Top Benefits for using Digital Theatre+ to teach English

Connect students with key texts

Connect students with key texts using captivating productions and literary adaptations of widely-taught English texts such as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible and A Doll's House!

Strengthen core ELA skills

Strengthen core literacy skills such as speaking and listening, comprehension, and critical thinking with bite-sized e-learning videos and key scene analysis.

Build contextual understanding

Build contextual understanding of key writers and their work with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes documentaries.

Save crucial planning time

Save crucial planning time and support independent, classroom or flipped learning with flexible resources to suit multiple learning approaches and teaching styles.

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Unlocking Character: Macbeth – access your free e-learning video!

Explore the character of Macbeth with this bite-sized e-learning video designed to strengthen your students' understanding of the text.

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Top resource picks for teaching English


Get everything you need to engage students with key texts with short, accessible videos covering character, language, theme, structure and plot. Plus, accompanying study guides provide context and consolidate students’ learning.

Speaking & Listening

Support students to speak confidently and effectively with bite-sized videos designed to develop crucial speaking and listening skills, while ready-to-go worksheets encourage students to extend their learning.

The Crucible Resources

It's not just an abundance of Shakespeare resources you will get, we also have plenty to offer those teaching The Crucible including a full production, lesson plans, and teaching activities, plus a dedicated e-learning series.


Bring poetry to life with engaging recitals of key poems for your curriculum, including poems from Indigenous, Latine and Black voices. Access insightful videos, alongside supporting contextual resources.

How does Digital Theatre+ support the teaching of Drama in Australia?

Your one stop shop for all things Drama, with resources aligned to the Australian National Curriculum

With a range of engaging instructional tools on key practitioners, genres and styles, paired with the world's best performances, you can be confident that you have high-quality, curriculum-aligned resources to teach key theatrical skills. 

Top Benefits for using Digital Theatre+ to teach Drama


Connect students with the world’s best performances with productions from our key partners including BroadwayHD, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the BBC.


Develop core theatrical skills across key areas of study such as physical theatre, devising, verbatim, political theatre, realism, and naturalism with specially designed e-learning videos, exclusive workshops, and more.


Boost engagement with the creative industries using exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from professional actors, writers, directors and designers.


Save crucial planning time with flexible, ready-to-go lesson plans, practical activities and assessment strategies designed to suit any teaching style.

Devising and improvisation worksheet

Download your free worksheet on devising and improvising!

Develop your students' imagination and playfulness with this kickstart worksheet, full of practical exercises for solo, pair and group work.

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Top resource picks for teaching Drama

Frantic Assembly Studios

Frantic Assembly Studio supports the study of contemporary theatre-making. In particular, the Frantic Method, their celebrated approach to collaborative and physical theatre making. You’ll access a series of practical exercises exploring: warm-ups, games, choreography, devising, text and movement, and more!

Verbatim Theatre

If you are teaching verbatim theatre then we have a bunch of resources to support your lessons including full productions, expert insights from leading verbatim theatre companies and even workshops for you to try with your class.

Spotlight On

Provide younger learners with insight into key topics in theatre – including The Production Team, Shakespeare, World Theatre, and Theatre Foundations – with a series of short, accessible e-learning videos and student-facing graphic organizers.

Discover, Explore, Assess

Unpack the productions you’re watching with the Discover, Explore, Assess packs, which include practical teaching and learning materials to help develop knowledge and understanding of key texts such as Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, The Wind in the Willows, and more.

How does Digital Theatre+ boost library catalogues in Australia?

Want to increase student engagement, support independent study, and enhance your library offering? Digital Theatre+ is the ultimate learning tool to access high-quality productions, expert insights, and thousands of time-saving resources. 

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Access anytime, anywhere, and on any device 

Libraries like yours can bring the best resources to students, with IP-authenticated campus-wide access, single-sign-on including EZ/Shibboleth, and MARC Records

With your subscription, you'll receive a customized welcome package full of guidance, access to our video training library, promotional materials, and more!

Our dedicated Customer Success team is also available to help throughout your subscription. Plus, you can access COUNTER-compliant reports so you can monitor your institution's usage. 

Top resource picks for your libraries

Graphic Novels

With Othello, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, (or any other of your favorite Shakespeare plays), we have a unique and innovative way for students to connect with the stories: Manga Shakespeare. We also have other graphic novels from literary icons such as Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde.


We have a vast selection of documentaries that can be used across multiple subjects. These include: the BBC Bookmark series which explores the cultural impact of famous novels, novellas and poetry; "Surviving surviving", a moving Holocaust survivor documentary; and A History of Dance on Screen.


Whether it's shows that present iconic plays in new and exciting ways, performances that students may never have heard of but that address real-world issues, or simply a favorite play taken from the text and brought to the stage, we have over 550 productions for students to choose from.

Supporting students in the classroom and beyond

In addition to supporting crucial Theatre skills, your teachers will also have access to a range of resources to help students develop important career and life skills.

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