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Inspire students and teachers across your district 

Are you looking for new resources to enhance the study of Theatre and the Performing Arts across your district?

Digital Theatre+ is the ultimate tool for teaching Theatre at grades 6-12, giving you unlimited access to thousands of high-quality resources, behind-the-scenes insights, and award-winning productions.

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Teachers from Houston Independent School District

How can Digital Theatre+ support Theatre and the Performing Arts in your district?


Connect students with the world’s best performances with productions from leading arts organisations such as BroadwayHD, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the BBC


Develop core theatrical skills across key areas such as acting, design, directing, and playwriting with specially designed e-learning videos, exclusive workshops, and more


Boost engagement with the creative industries with exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from professional actors, writers, directors and designers


Save crucial planning time with flexible, ready-to-go lesson plans, practical activities and assessment strategies designed to suit any teaching style

Top resource picks for teaching Theatre 

BroadwayHD Collection

Get front-row access to show-stopping musicals and gripping dramas on Digital Theatre+, the exclusive educational partner of BroadwayHD. Plus, unique supporting resources help extend students’ knowledge of key productions and keep them engaged.


Get everything you need to start building core theatrical skills with these short and accessible videos, covering creating a character, creating a design, theatre history, and much more. Plus, accompanying study guides provide context and consolidate students’ learning.

Spotlight On

Provide younger learners with insight into key topics in theatre – including The Production Team, Shakespeare, World Theatre, and Theatre Foundations – with a series of short, accessible e-learning videos and student-facing graphic organizers.

Discover, Explore, Assess

Unpack the productions you’re watching with the Discover, Explore, Assess packs, which include practical teaching and learning materials to help develop knowledge and understanding of key texts such as Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, The Wind in the Willows, and more.


Aligned to your state standards

Teachers in your district will always have high-quality resources at their fingertips, with materials designed to address your state standards for Theatre.

Click the map to learn more about standards alignment for your state, or download alignment documents on the National Core Arts Standards for Grades 6-8 and High School.

Easily integrated into your lessons

As part of your subscription, our in-house technology team will liaise with your IT department to smoothly implement access to the platform across your district. You'll be able to authenticate students and staff through a variety of Single Sign On (SSO) options, including Clever and Classlink, and add resources into lessons contained in your learning management systems.

You’ll also receive a white-glove onboarding service to ensure your team feels confident navigating the platform, plus ongoing support throughout your subscription, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: your students.

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Don't just take our word for it

With your subscription, you’ll be joining a global community of thousands of Theatre colleagues already benefiting from access to Digital Theatre+, including teachers in some of the largest school districts such as San Diego Unified School District, Houston Independent School District, Portland Public Schools and Fairfax County Public Schools.

Theatre Resource Teacher,
San Diego Unified School District

Digital Theatre+ allows teachers to "flip" the classroom. Students can engage with material outside of class, leaving in class time for collaborative and creative work. The teaching resources are terrific and there are more of them every day. I believe teachers and students will continue to find great value in this product.

Marjorie Treger

Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist,
Houston Independent School District

[The best thing about Digital Theatre+ is] access to world-class theatre from around the world, incredible resources at your fingertips, and the expanding amount of exposure to work and practitioners that are not just white men, so that students can see themselves.

Jared Berry

Fine Arts Coordinator,
Lewisville Independent School District

The content and curriculum provides opportunities for our students to develop their skills in critical, logical, reflective, metacognitive, and creative thinking. We cannot thank Digital Theatre+ enough for the valuable experiences our students are enjoying.

Missey Head

Acting Teacher/Director,
Pinellas County Center for the Arts, Florida

I have enhanced the curriculum I use in my classroom and have been able to introduce new concepts and content because of this platform. I cannot wait to spend time over the summer weeks adding new lessons and content to my curriculum. These additions are not only rich for the students but they breathe new life into content that I teach each year.

Caroline Brasfield Carter

Supporting students in the classroom and beyond

In addition to supporting crucial Theatre skills, your teachers will also have access to a range of resources to help students develop pivotal career and life skills.

The best resources for your teaching

The best resources for your teaching



High-quality productions



Video resources



Pages of written resources

Ready to inspire your students?

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