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Teach 15 Heroines

You and your students can access a range of resources on 15 Heroines, a collection of new monologues adapted from Ovid.

  • Bring Greek myths to life with contemporary retellings.
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15 Heroines   |   Production   |   Jermyn Street Theatre 

Indra Ové (Deianaria) in 15 Heroines - The Desert | Jermyn Street Theatre © Shonay Shote

About the productions

Two thousand years after they were written, Ovid's series of fictional letters give inspiration to 15 Heroines, a collection of monologues by 15 female playwrights which shed light on the forgotten women of Greek mythology.

Filmed by Digital Theatre live at London's Jermyn Street Theatre, these timely monologues feature a female and non-binary cast and creative team.

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  • 3Written resources

Discover resources to help you teach 15 Heroines, including the original play text and a ready-made resource pack.

Top resource picks

15 Heroines: The War

The first instalment of 15 Heroines, The War, tells the untold stories of the Trojan War: Oenone, Hermione, Laodamia, Briseis and Penelope.

15 Heroines: The Desert

The second instalment, 15 Heroines: The Desert, is about women going their own way: Deianaria, Canace, Hypermestra, Dido and Sappho.

15 Heroines: The Labyrinth

The third instalment, 15 Heroines: The Labyrinth, is about the women who encountered Jason and Theseus: Ariadne, Phaedra, Phyllis, Hypsipyle and Medea.

15 Heroines: 15 Monologues Adapted from Ovid

Investigate linguistics and context in 15 Heroines with the full play text. As well as watching the plays, students can follow along with the script and even learn monologues for themselves.

15 Heroines: A Critical Introduction

In this comprehensive introduction to 15 Heroines, Abigail Rokison-Woodall examines the historical and critical context of Ovid's Heroides and the bold new adaptation for the stage.

Discover: 15 Heroines

Save time creating resources for 15 Heroines with our ready-made pack, which includes context cards to support understanding and assessment strategies for all levels.

The Greeks

Lyn Gardner considers how the stories in ancient Greek plays can be easily adapted and made relevant to issues in today’s society.

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