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A Disappearing Number   |   Production   |  Complicité

A mathematical sum is projected with a shadowy figure infront of it in Complicité A Disappearing Number.

About the production

A Disappearing Number, winner of the 2008 Olivier Award for Best New Play, was devised by Complicité and directed by Simon McBurney. It tells the true story of the extraordinary collaboration between Cambridge professor G. H. Hardy and self-taught mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

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Discover video and written resources to help you teach A Disappearing Number, including contextual guides and exclusive insights from practitioners.

Top resource picks

Annabel Arden and Catherine Alexander in conversation

Complicité co-founder Annabel Arden and Associate Director Catherine Alexander discuss the history of the company and its acclaimed production A Disappearing Number.

Making Complicité’s A Disappearing Number

In this essay, Catherine Alexander offers a reflective analysis of the process of creating A Disappearing Number, drawing on her artistic role as the production’s associate director and on retrospective interviews with members of the cast and creative team.

A Concise Introduction to Complicité

Discover more about the history and methods of Complicité in this concise introduction from Associate Director Catherine Alexander.

Lesson Plans: Devising

Equip your students with a number of tools and strategies to produce devised work as part of their assessment.

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