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Teach A Doll's House

You and your students can access a range of resources on Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. 

  • Bring the text to life with critically acclaimed productions.
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Dominic Rowan (Torvald) and Hattie Morahan (Nora) in A Doll's House | Young Vic

A Doll's House   |   Production   |   Young Vic

Hattie Morahan (Nora) and  Susannah Wise (Mrs Linde) in A Doll's House | Young Vic © Johan Persson

About the productions 

You can choose from a range of productions of A Doll's House to bring the text to life for your students.

This featured production, captured by Digital Theatre live at London’s Young Vic Theatre, was directed by Carrie Cracknell. It starred Hattie Morahan as Nora and Dominic Rowan as Torvald, and was met with widespread critical and public acclaim.

  • 3Production
  • 13Video resources
  • 7Written resources

Discover video and written resources to help you teach A Doll’s House, including lesson activities, contextual guides, and exclusive insights from cast and creatives to help you unlock the text.

Top resource picks

On Acting: Hattie Morahan

Give your students insights into performance with this interview, where Hattie Morahan, who played Nora Helmer in Carrie Cracknell’s production of A Doll’s House, delves into the process of bringing the character to life.

Plays Through Practice: A Doll’s House

Explore interpretative choices in this practical guide complete with exercises for developing directing, design and acting skills.

On Acting: Dominic Rowan

Dominic Rowan analyses the relationship between his character, Torvald, and Nora, exploring how it progresses throughout the play, helping your students to investigate the text.

A Doll's House Study Guide

Give your students the ultimate introduction to the play’s characters, themes, language and more.

On Directing: Carrie Cracknell

Share invaluable insights into the process of rehearsing a play as director Carrie Cracknell considers the value of research in gaining inspiration for a production.

A Concise Introduction to Henrik Ibsen

Discover more about Henrik Ibsen, including his aims and methods, to inform performance and textual analysis.

A Doll’s House Audio Production

Engage your students with this production of A Doll’s House from LA Theatre Works, the world’s leading audio theatre producer.

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