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Teach Jane Eyre

You and your students can access a range of resources on Charlotte Brontë’s classic Victorian novel Jane Eyre.

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The cast of Jane Eyre | Blackeyed Theatre © Alex Harvey-Brown


Jane Eyre  |   Production   |   Charlotte Brontë 

Ben Warwick (Mr Rochester) and Kelsey Short (Jane Eyre) in Jane Eyre | Blackeyed Theatre © Alex Harvey-Brown

About this production

First published in 1847, the Victorian novel Jane Eyre is a story of hope, social standing and one woman’s determination for equality.

This production, captured live at the Wilde Theatre in Bracknell in 2020, follows Jane Eyre's journey from a cruel childhood to becoming a governess at Mr Rochester’s mysterious manor. As dark secrets begin to emerge, Jane must choose between her newfound security and the uncertainty of a life lived freely. 

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  • 24Video resources
  • 2Written resources

Discover video and written resources to help you teach Jane Eyre, including a ready-to-go education pack to captivate your students, a variety of detailed clips exploring the characters within the production as well as exclusive interviews from the production’s director and adapter Nick Lane. 

Top resource picks

Jane Eyre Education Pack

Deepen and enrich your students’ understanding of the play as a blueprint for performance with this ready-to-go education pack.

Playing Jane Eyre

Provide your students with an insight into Jane Eyre, as actor Kelsey Short reflects on the character’s views, relationships and purpose in the play.

Jane Eyre - Themes and Symbols

Give your students the ultimate introduction to the production’s themes and symbols with this exclusive interview, as actor Paige Round reflects upon the characters, plot and context to analyse thematic events, providing a unique scope for students.

Characters in Jane Eyre: Jane Eyre

Actor Kelsey Short analyses the title character of Jane Eyre, drawing on evidence from both the original novel and her own interpretation of Blackeyed Theatre’s production.

Characters in Jane Eyre: Mr Rochester

Actor Ben Warwick analyses the character of Mr Rochester, discussing his key characteristics, he focuses on his journey, motivations and relationships with others.

Historical and Personal Context of Jane Eyre

Adapter Nick Lane discusses Charlotte Brontë and the world in which Jane Eyre was written. He considers how context influenced the choices he made when adapting the novel for Blackeyed Theatre stage production.

Talking About Plays - Brontë: An Interview with Polly Teale

Enhance your students’ knowledge with this exclusive interview with writer and director Polly Teale, which provides students with the opportunity to delve deeper into the issues surrounding the Brontë sisters and the challenges they faced as women in the 19th century.

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