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Karen Pittman (Nya) and Namir Smallwood (Omari) in Pipeline | BroadwayHD © Jeremy Daniel

Pipeline   |   Production   |  Dominique Morisseau

Heather Velazquez (Jasmine) and Namir Smallwood (Omari) in Pipeline | BroadwayHD © Jeremy Daniel

About this production

Dominique Morisseau’s provocative play reveals the challenges faced by Black youths in the American education system as a public school teacher fights for her son’s future.

Captured live at the Lincoln Center’s Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater in 2019, this acclaimed production shines a light on the school-to-prison pipeline.

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Discover related resources exploring themes similar to those addressed in Pipeline, including a range of productions and insights from practitioners.

Related resources

Pipeline: A Critical Introduction

Exploring Dominique Morisseau’s Pipeline, this essay by Sandra Adell (Literature Professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison) examines the context of the play as well as its structure, influences and themes of race and the US education system.

Discover, Explore, Assess: Pipeline

Get access to ready-made assessments and assessment strategies for teaching and studying Pipeline with this interactive resource pack, divided into sections for Before Watching, While Watching, and After Watching the production.

Dear Mister Shakespeare

In this original piece, multimedia artist Phoebe Boswell questions Shakespeare about the racial tensions in Othello, and draws on her experiences to explore how these anxieties resonate today.

The Prison Context

Harriet Walter, Jade Anouka and more perform monologues written by prisoners, shining a light on the rehearsal process of the creative team behind the Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy.

Tara Arts: Interview with Jatinder Verma

Tara Arts Artistic Director Jatinda Berma talks to Dominic Hingorani about how Black Theatre Live empowers artists to find a space for their work.

10BY10: Rage

10BY10 is a project developed by Eclipse Theatre, Britain’s leading black-led national touring company. In Rage, Raymond sits in a prison cell reflecting on life on the outside.

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Pipeline Critical Introduction

Pipeline: A Critical Introduction – download your free extract!

Get a sneak peak into the background and context of the play with this extract from Pipeline: A Critical Introduction by Sandra Adell.

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