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  • Five stars

    Evening Standard

    This devastating and absorbing Arthur Miller revival is a triumph
  • Five stars

    The Sunday Times

    Yaël Farber’s revival of Miller’s witch-hunt classic is so powerful, it feels conjured rather than directed
  • Five stars

    The Daily Telegraph

    A production of electrifying intensity

Cast & creative team


  • John Proctor
    Richard Armitage
  • Thomas Putnam
    Harry Attwell
  • Abigail Williams
    Samantha Colley
  • Betty Parris
    Marama Corlett
  • Deputy Governor Danforth
    Jack Ellis
  • Rebecca Nurse
    Ann Firbank
  • Giles Corey
    William Gaunt
  • Mary Warren
    Natalie Gavin
  • Judge Hathorne
    Christopher Godwin
  • Voice of Martha Corey
    Catherine Hammond
  • Ensemble
    Hannah Hutch
  • Ensemble
    Lauren Lyle
  • Elizabeth Proctor
    Anna Madeley
  • Sarah Good
    Paddy Navin
  • Tituba
    Sarah Niles
  • Marshall Herrick
    Tom Peters
  • Francis Nurse
    Neil Salvage
  • Ann Putnam
    Rebecca Saire
  • Reverend John Hale
    Adrian Schiller
  • Reverend Parris
    Michael Thomas
  • Ezekiel Cheever
    Alan Vicary
  • Susannah Walcott
    Daisy Waterstone
  • Hopkins
    Matt Weyland
  • Mercy Lewis
    Zara White


  • Arthur Miller
  • Yaël Farber
  • Soutra Gilmour
  • Tim Lutkin
  • Richard Hammarton
    Music and Sound
  • Imogen Knight
  • Camilla Evans
  • Maggie Lunn