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  • Four stars

    The Stage

    "Essiedu’s Hamlet is a fresh prince, confident, cocky, compelling, hopping from foot to foot, fizzing like an aerosol can."
  • Four stars

    The Times

    "It is an utterly engaging performance by Paapa Essiedu."

Cast & creative team


  • Hamlet
    Paapa Essiedu
  • Gertrude
    Tanya Moodie
  • Claudius
    Clarence Smith
  • Polonius
    Cyril Nri
  • Laertes
    Marcus Griffiths
  • Ophelia
    Natalie Simpson
  • Horatio
    Hiran Abeysekera
  • Rosencrantz
    James Cooney
  • Guildenstern
    Bethan Cullinane
  • Fortinbras
    Theo Ogundipe
  • Marcellus
    Theo Ogundipe
  • Barnardo
    Kevin N. Golding
  • Player King
    Kevin N. Golding
  • Francisca
    Temi Wilkey
  • Gravedigger's Assistant
    Temi Wilkey
  • Player Queen
    Doreene Blackstock
  • Osric
    Romayne Andrews
  • Sailor
    Romayne Andrews
  • Professor of Wittenberg
    Byron Mondahl
  • English Ambassador
    Byron Mondahl
  • Voltemand
    Eke Chukwu
  • Cornelia
    Marième Diouf
  • Player
    Marième Diouf
  • Player
    Temi Wilkey
  • Hamlet's Father, the Ghost
    Ewart James Walters
  • Gravedigger
    Ewart James Walters
  • Lucianus
    Theo Ogundipe
  • Captain
    Kevin N. Golding
  • Priest
    Kevin N. Golding


  • William Shakespeare
  • Simon Godwin
    Stage Director
  • Robin Lough
    Screen Director
  • Sola Akingbola
  • Paul Wills
  • Paul Anderson
    Lighting Designer
  • Christopher Shutt
    Sound Designer
  • Mbulelo Ndabeni
    Movement Director
  • Kevin McCurdy
    Fight Director
  • Kate Godfrey
    Company Voice and Text Work
  • Anna Girvan
    Assistant Director
  • Carl Root
    Production Manager
  • Laura Hunt
    Costume Supervisor
  • Edward Salt
    Stage Manager
  • Zoë Donegan
  • John Wyver
    Producer, Live from Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Bruce O'Neil
    Music Director
  • Hannah Miller CDG
    Casting Director
  • Jon Nicholls
    Music Associate
  • Jondon
    Company Manager
  • George Hims
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Hetti Curtis
    Assistant Stage Manager