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  • Three stars

    The Times

    "Provocative and intriguing… fresh and fiercely committed"

Cast & creative team


  • Hamlet
    Raphael Sowole
  • Ophelia
    Abiona Omonua
  • Queen Gertrude
    Joy Elias-Rilwan
  • King Claudius and Ghost
    Patrick Miller
  • Laertes, Lucianus and Player Queen
    Theo Solomon
  • Polonius and Grave Digger 1
    Trevor Laird
  • Rosencrantz and Grave Digger 2
    Mark Ebulué
  • Horatio
    Offue Okegbe
  • Player King, Orsick and Priest
    Victor Power


  • Jeffery Kisson
  • Mark Norfolk
    Writer and Dramaturg
  • Cleo Harris-Seaton
    Set Designer
  • Devanté Benjamin
    Lighting Designer
  • Jerrome Buck-Townsend
    Sound Designer
  • Natalie Pryce
    Costume Designer
  • Sebastian Russell