With all things Shakespeare taking centre stage we are delighted to announce our creative partnership with Shakespeare Schools Festival. Last summer we spent three days working with students from St Marylebone School on a Shakespeare text. We took our cameras with us and the result is Shakespeare in your Space – Macbeth.

This is the first resource in our Teaching Support library and we hope it offers teachers a step-by-step guide to unraveling characters, key themes, scenes and speeches from one of Shakespeare’s most studied plays.

Fiona Lindsay, who is the Creative Producer of Digital Theatre Plus, has devised the series. Fiona was a founder member of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Education team and she works with teachers and young people all over the world on Shakespeare’s plays. The workshop on Macbeth was created in collaboration with the Shakespeare Schools Festival. 

The workshop introduces the world and words of a Shakespeare play to students through a series of practical physical exercises and demonstrates that all that is required is your classroom, your students and the play.

"I enjoyed having the opportunity to explore Shakespeare physically. It unlocked meaning in the words that wasn't apparent from reading, sitting and discussing it". 

Student at Marleybone School. 

We hope that our resource offers a creative framework to support the teaching of text. By playing with the play and physically exploring text we hope students gain greater understanding and deeper meaning. 

Check out the first in our series of In your Space workshops, only on Digital Theatre Plus.