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12 September 2022

How to fund a subscription to Digital Theatre+

Katherine Woollett

Campaigns Marketing Manager, Digital Theatre+

Funding options for Digital Theatre+

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What would you do with an unlimited departmental budget?

A teacher to cover you one day a week so you can catch up? A free holiday for all staff at the end of the school year?

Okay, so maybe unlimited is too big. But what about if you had an extra 2,000, 1,000, 500, or 100? If you could top up your department budget, what would you spend the money on? 

Maybe you would pay for insights from experts on the topics you’re teaching? Perhaps you would take your students to see see the plays they’re studying on the big stage? What about just the gift of time to let you focus on other things?

Too often, teachers express that their budget is used up on the basics, but if they had the extra budget they’d invest in tools that energise students to engage in their lessons in new ways. They would want resources that motivate multiple learning styles and add fun to the topics that traditionally students struggle to connect with. On top of that, teachers would choose ready-made lesson plans, guides and classroom activities that are aligned with their curriculum. This would save teachers time, allowing them to get their work/life balance back. 

But all of this is just a pipe dream, right? Well, it may not be as unachievable as you think. 

We’ve put together a handy guide that showcases how teachers like you can pay for these extra resources without spending a penny of your department's budget. Using hidden internal budgets you may not know about or external money pots, you can get access to tools that do all of the above.

…except for the group holiday. 

All of these untapped budgets have been tried and tested by teachers just like you, who have been able to gain all the benefits of the entire Digital Theatre+ catalogue of resources without the worry of hitting departmental budgets or making cuts. 

Check out our helpful funding guide and uncap your students' potential with access to Digital Theatre+.