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29 April 2024

All-new Study Units: Everything you need for your lessons in one place

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Looking for resources that make your lessons unforgettable? Feeling strapped for time? DT+ is thrilled to announce the launch of Study Units: curriculum-aligned, time-saving spaces bursting with relevant tools.

So, what’s a study unit? 

Study units are our answer to the big challenges our teaching community has: when you're pressed for time, it can be hard to find the resources that will take your teaching to the next level. There are so many videos, lesson plans, guides, and activities out there. How do you know if it’s relevant? If it’s accurate? If it’s suitable for your students? 

Enter study units! Each one is curriculum-aligned and bursting full of resources: clips from productions and poetry recitals; study guides, workbooks, lesson plans, instructional videos and more. Carefully curated by teachers and education experts, they have undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure you can teach with confidence. Even better, there's enough in there for 2-3 weeks of teaching!

What can you expect from study units?

We’re going to say… “structured variety”. Each study unit is organised for students who are “getting started”, “building on the basics” or who are ready for a “deep dive”. Within each there’s lots of different types of educational resource, giving you complete flexibility to use what matters most. For example:

  • High-quality clips from productions you can watch in full - taking you straight to the moments you need.
  • Time-saving grab-and-go lesson plans that make the most of the DT+ library.
  • Engaging workbooks and activity packs for students to use.
  • E-learning videos, interviews, and documentaries, building comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Texts and playscripts to support students with further exploration and analysis.
  • Assessments to gauge students' understanding.
  • Essays written by renowned academics to stretch their learning.

What topics will be covered in these study units? 

With study units covering the key texts and topics you’re teaching, you can expect to find content that: 

  • Boost ELA and English students' understanding of plays, poems, and novels (for example: Key Themes in Macbeth).
  • Get Theatre and Drama students up and on their feet (such as Creating Meaning Through Movement).
  • Book a refresher call with your dedicated education specialist to see how Digital Theatre+ Study Units align with your curriculum!

Not a subscriber? Not to worry! You can use Study Units to save you time with a complimentary trial. 

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