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13 September 2021

New Blood Brothers series on Digital Theatre+

Laurel Bibby

Creative Marketing Executive, Digital Theatre+

Blood Brothers in Performance – Act 1: Mickey and Eddie Meet

Blood Brothers in Performance – Act 1: Mickey and Eddie Meet

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Looking for resources on Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers?

On Digital Theatre+, we’ve recently published Blood Brothers: In Focus, a new video series which explores the relationship between text and performance in Russell’s seminal musical. 

Featuring exclusive insights from Russell himself who shares first-hand knowledge of the material, each of the ten episodes invites you and your students to explore and analyze how topics such as context, language, character and staging give meaning to the piece.

Willy Russell - Writer of Blood BrothersBlood Brothers in Preparation

Divided into four key sections – In Preparation, In Rehearsal, In Performance and In Practice – the series follows director Mark Powell and an ensemble of actors as they bring the text to life, exploring, rehearsing and performing four key scenes. You’ll be able to give your students a unique view of the rehearsal and performance process, before implementing the thought-provoking practical exercises used in the rehearsal videos in your own classroom.

Teaching in a hybrid classroom? Fear not! These digestible videos are super versatile, ranging in length from 5-25 minutes, and can be used either in the classroom or at home to support students as they develop both practical skills and written responses to text and performance.

Blood Brothers in RehearsalBlood Brothers in Rehearsal – Act 1: Shoes on the Table

Plus, if you’re focusing on the work of Willy Russell in particular, you can also explore a range of related resources on Digital Theatre+ including two exclusive playwriting interviews with Russell and a Blood Brothers Practical Workshop Guide. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.