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13 September 2021

'The Art of Resonance': Anne Bogart and Katie Mitchell in Conversation

Heloise Spence

Creative Marketing Manager, Digital Theatre+

Anne Bogart and Katie Mitchell

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How do you make art which resonates, and in particular, how can we make resonant work in these turbulent times? This is the question that legendary theatre director Anne Bogart asks in her new book The Art of Resonance, combining stories, life lessons and ideas from neuroscience and philosophy to explore the making of theatre and its uses.

In our latest webinar, we invited Bogart to speak with renowned theatre director Katie Mitchell. In this rich and fascinating discussion, they talk about Bogart's new book and reflect on their first meeting, the practitioners who have influenced their work, environmental theatre-making, feminism, and theatre in a post-pandemic world.

You can watch an extract from the event and sign up to access the full recording below.