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2 May 2023

The Evolution of Chicano Theatre

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Over the past half-century, Chicano theatre has grown and evolved, reflecting the experiences and struggles of Mexican Americans in the United States. From the early days of El Teatro Campesino to the emergence of modern classics like Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit and Edward Olmos' American Me, Chicano theatre has provided a platform for voices and stories that might otherwise have gone unheard.

We were delighted to feature these two giants of American theatre and the Chicano movement, in conversation with UCSC scholar and practitioner Michael M. Chemers in our latest webinar: The Evolution of Chicano Theatre.

This exclusive event featured a fascinating discussion that ranged from the beginnings of Chicano theatre, as Olmos and Valdez shared their own personal insights and reflections, to the future of the movement. To put in the words of one of our attendees, it allowed those that attended to ‘Feel the weight of history in the moments that are being discussed’ as they gained insight into this vibrant and vital theatrical movement. 

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