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7 August 2023

How to use free bitesize videos to save you time (and keep students engaged)!

Alesha Tatum-Howe

Head of Theatre, Digital Theatre+

Student reading

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As educators, we’re always looking for new and innovative teaching ideas to engage our students, whilst simultaneously saving us time. 

One resource that can enrich the theatre learning experience (without adding to existing workload) is Digital Theatre+'s e-learning video series, Spotlight On. Let’s take a look at how you can utilize this series of short, accessible educational videos to provide insight and understanding of key topics in theatre. 

Spotlight On is full of educational content and is designed for students. The e-learning series consists of engaging videos, each focusing on a specific topic, ranging from Shakespeare to theatre foundations, and world theatre. Every episode is presented directly to the camera in a quick, engaging, and student-focused manner, ensuring that learners remain interested and receptive throughout the lesson. 


Within each educational video you’ll find key terminology, fun facts, and real-world examples that bring the concepts to life. This approach not only aids comprehension but also nurtures a deeper appreciation for the subject matter. The adaptability of Spotlight On makes it a versatile tool for you to use. In addition to using the videos in your regular classroom lessons, you could use them to replace traditional slide presentations to keep students actively involved. Additionally, you could use them in any of the following ways:

  • Pre-lesson engagement: before diving into a new theatre topic, show students the related Spotlight On video. This introduction will pique their interest and prepare them for the upcoming lesson. 
  • Flipped learning: For more in-depth exploration, assign Spotlight On videos as homework. This approach encourages self-paced learning and allows students to come prepared with questions and ideas for classroom discussions.
  • Sub plans: On days when you can't be physically present in the classroom, use Spotlight On videos as engaging substitute plans. This ensures that learning continues seamlessly in your absence

There are several Spotlight On videos you can use which are available to try for free. You can choose from:

  • Spotlight On: Shakespeare - These videos delve into various aspects of the playwright's life and works. Students will gain insights into William Shakespeare's background, his unique language, and explore his tragedies and comedies. Additionally, students will be introduced to the iconic Globe Theatre.
  • Spotlight On: Theatre Foundations - These videos provide a strong foundation that students can build upon as they deepen their knowledge of theatre. Topics include dramatic structure, types of stages, and evaluating a play. 
  • Spotlight On: The Production Team - Here, students get an inside look at the crucial roles involved in theatre production. Videos on directors, costume designers, and lighting designers highlight who they are, what they do, and shed light on the collaborative efforts that bring a play to life.
  • Spotlight On: World Theatre - In this series, students are exposed to various theatrical traditions from around the world. From the lively and humorous Commedia dell'arte to the rich and diverse theatre of India and Japan, learners will discover the vibrant tapestry of global theatrical forms and expressions.

A subscription to Digital Theatre+ not only unlocks access to additional Spotlight On e-learning videos,  but also gives you access to the corresponding graphic organizers that are specifically designed to accompany each e-learning video. These visual aids serve as valuable learning resources that make complex information accessible and easy to digest. The engaging designs and activities related to each topic further enrich the learning experience. The activities found on each graphic organizer can be utilized as interactive tools during class discussions or group activities. These organizers will aid students in organizing their thoughts, making connections, and retaining information effectively.

Spotlight On empowers you to change the way you deliver information to your students. Through its engaging videos and user-friendly graphic organizers, it provides students with an enriching learning experience that fosters a deep understanding and appreciation for theatre. Embracing the potential of Spotlight On allows you embark on an engaging and inspiring journey through theatre education, unlocking the creative potential of your students, and nurturing a new generation of theatre enthusiasts. 

If you’d like access to a range of more resources and are not yet a customer of Digital Theatre+, please get in touch with a member of our team today. If you already have a subscription, click here.