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17 November 2023

Identity and Inclusion in Actor Training

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Digital Theatre+ was thrilled to host an unmissable webinar, 'Identity and Inclusion in Actor Training' with Sharrell D. Luckett and Kashi Johnson, hosted by our Head of Higher Education, Talia Rodgers. 

In this inspiring and illuminating webinar, Sharrell and Kashi delve into the critical intersection of identity and inclusion in actor training. In the ever-evolving landscape of the performing arts, it is essential to explore and celebrate the diverse voices and experiences that contribute to the world of theatre. 

Sharrell D. Luckett is Taft Distinguished Professor of Drama & Performance Studies at the University of Cincinnati, founding director of the Black Acting Methods Studio, and lead editor of the best-selling book Black Acting Methods. 

Kashi Johnson is Chair and Professor of the Department of Theatre at Lehigh University and a pioneer of hip-hop theatre pedagogy.

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