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2 November 2021

Making Feminist Theatre (and Making Theatre Feminist)

Laurel Bibby

Creative Marketing Executive, Digital Theatre+

15 Heroines available on Digital Theatre+

15 Heroines | Jermyn Street Theatre © Marc Brenner

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How do theatre-makers practice feminism in their work? Leading theatre-makers joined forces for a roundtable discussion on this very question last month, in the latest webinar from Digital Theatre+ and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education: Making Feminist Theatre (and Making Theatre Feminist).

Chaired by Lisa Peck, Lecturer at the University of Sussex and author of Act as a Feminist: Towards a Critical Acting Pedagogy (Routledge 2021), this invaluable event focused on the practical approaches that enable theatre-makers to practice feminism in their work.

Our inspiring panel included co-artistic director of award-winning theatre company PearlDamour Katie Pearl, cross-disciplinary director Keziah Serreau, multi-disciplinary artist, writer and actor Candice D’Meza and British director Katie Mitchell.

The panel reflected on the different ways in which they experience power in the theatre and how they’ve navigated it in their careers, the nature of directing as a feminist, the intersections between feminism, motherhood and environmentalism, the ways in which feminist theatre-making has changed over the years, and the theatre-makers they most look up to.

Watch an extract from the panel discussion and sign up to access the full webinar recording below.

Making Feminist Theatre (and Making Theatre Feminist)

Listen back to a snippet of the panel discussion, where directors Katie Mitchell and Keziah Serreau share specific exercises and approaches that they use in their process of teaching theatre-making.