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3 May 2022

Why Boal Now?

Talia Rodgers

Head of Higher Education, Digital Theatre+

Augusto Boal © Instituto Augusto Boal

Augusto Boal © Instituto Augusto Boal

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In ‘Why Boal Now?’, our latest Digital Theatre+ webinar, we launched the Boal Collection – an exclusive curated selection of materials from the archive of Augusto Boal, translated and annotated for teachers and students of this global movement. 

We heard from Paul Heritage, curator of the Collection, and Artistic Director of People’s Palace Projects, an arts research centre at Queen Mary University of London, and from Cecilia Boal, founder of the Instituto Boal in Rio and instigator of the Digital Theatre+ Collection. 

But crucially we also heard from daily practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed in West Bengal (Sanjoy Ganguly of Jana Sanskriti), Mozambique (Alvim Cossa founder of Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed-Maputo), the US/UK (Katy Rubin, founder of CTO-NYC) and Ukraine (Oksana Potapova, founder of Theatre for Dialogue) – people who spend their lives using Boal’s techniques to empower and enhance the lives of others.

Proof, if any were needed, that Boal’s legacy not only lives on around the world but thrives in these – and many other – dynamic hands. Each participant gave an inspiring account of the work they’ve been doing and also responded to the archive – the ‘living laboratory’ which aims to invigorate current applications of Boal’s ideas. 

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