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27 January 2023

Take control of the content your students can see with this new feature

Laurel Bibby

Creative Marketing Executive, Digital Theatre+

Students on laptops

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Thanks to our new Content Controls functionality, you can take full control over the selection of resources available to your students on the Digital Theatre+ platform, as well as the flexibility to adjust the restrictions as needed.

What are Content Controls?

Content Controls is a new filtering functionality on Digital Theatre+. With this feature, you’ll now have greater control over the resources your students are able to access on the platform, so you can be confident that the content they’re browsing is appropriate for them. 

You can access Content Controls in the account administration section of the platform, where you can either block or allow access to resources with adult themes for your organisation at the click of a button. You'll also have the added flexibility to show or hide individual resources of your choosing regardless of adult themes, creating a tailored catalogue of materials that best suits your students’ needs.

How do Content Controls work?

Content Controls are super simple to implement. Once you’ve signed up to Digital Theatre+, your designated account administrator will have access to the platform’s Content Controls section. From here, you can quickly and easily configure access to content with adult themes for each of the organisations within your main account. 

If you’re looking to restrict or allow access to an individual resource, meanwhile, you can do so by navigating to that particular resource on the platform and managing access as needed.

What are the benefits of Content Controls?

There’s a whole host of reasons why you or your organisation might be interested in using the new Content Controls feature. These could include:

  • Blocking younger students from accessing content with adult themes
  • Temporarily allowing students to access specific content with adult themes to support the teaching of a particular text or production
  • Configuring access for individual pieces of content that are relevant to your curriculum regardless of adult themes

With the new Content Controls feature, you can easily manage the selection of resources your students have access to, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: teaching!

If you’re already a Digital Theatre+ customer, find out more about Content Controls and how they work in our Help & Support section here