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8 November 2023

Digital Theatre+ Teaching & Learning Resource Achieves ESSA Level IV Certification

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At Digital Theatre+, our mission has always been to empower educators and develop students through the power of theatre and literature-based learning experiences. We're thrilled to announce an important new milestone: Digital Theatre+ has achieved Level IV certification, aligning with the rigorous standards of evidence outlined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (“ESSA”).

To ensure that Digital Theatre+ met ESSA's rigorous standards of evidence, we partnered with LearnPlatform by Instructure, a trusted third-party edtech research firm. Together, we developed a comprehensive logic model that meets Level IV requirements, particularly ESSA's "Demonstrates a Rationale" criterion.

So, what does this mean for Digital Theatre+ and, most importantly, for the educators and students who rely on the platform? First, this accreditation ensures educators are using a resource that is based on high-quality research findings, making it more likely to improve student outcomes. It also includes ongoing efforts to assess the effects of the platform. Additionally, schools and districts can now use ESSA Title I*, II, III, and IV funds, which require Level I-IV certification, to purchase Digital Theatre+. 

To learn more about Digital Theatre+ Level IV certification, check out our report on the Digital Theatre+ logic model, developed in partnership with LearnPlatform.

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*Some exceptions apply.