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15 December 2023

Top 5 free English resources of 2023!

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As we look ahead to 2024, we can't help but reflect on the outstanding free resources that supported and inspired English teachers throughout 2023! With a focus on the topics that are most challenging to engage students with (like Shakespeare and poetry), as well as the texts and skills you teach, these resources have benefited English teachers around the world, and it's not too late to catch up on the top 5 picks!

1. Spotlight on Shakespeare

In 2023, we gave English teachers unlimited free access to engaging (bite-sized) e-learning videos on all things Shakespeare, with introductory videos on The Globe and William Shakespeare, as well as Shakespeare’s tragedies, comedies, and language. Designed for younger learners or as a refresher tool, teachers have found these videos work well as homework, class starters, and even for lesson plans!

2. Reluctant reader's engagement strategies

How do we get reluctant readers excited about reading in the classroom? Reading isn’t every student's forte (and some find it boring or unengaging) but with these easy-to-implement strategies, you’ll have every student in your class in love with reading and enjoying all the benefits that come with active reading (including improved focus, better memory, enhanced communication, and even more empathy)!

3. Career readiness and life skills blogs

There is an ever-increasing pressure on teachers to incorporate life skills into their lessons, which, and while we all agree that this is important, it can also be time-consuming and distracting from ongoing classroom goals. But it doesn’t have to! Blogs like 5 ways to enhance career readiness skills (without changing your lesson objectives) and 5 tips for bringing life skills into your classroom support educators to incorporate the teaching of these vital skills into their existing lessons which not only saves teachers time but goes a long way in preparing students for beyond high school!

4. Poetry

Poetry is another typical topic that can be challenging to engage English students with. Poetry can seem for some students, so far removed from modern life, but this handy guide gives practical advice on how to boost student engagement during poetry lessons. Plus, what’s more, you can get a free recital on one of Emily Dickinson’s most loved poems. Recitals help bring poems to life (as well as strengthen their understanding of poetry and verse)!

5. Macbeth

Macbeth. One of Shakespeare's most iconic plays, and one that you have probably taught countless times over the years. And when you teach a play so often, it can be a struggle to find innovative ways to engage students with it. Enter this free Macbeth study guide. Packed with exciting activities to engage students and deepen their understanding of the play's characters, this year's teachers loved this study guide, and you can access it for free in 2024!

Well, what a year it's been! If you're looking for innovative resources to support your English teaching and help you bring the texts you teach in 2024 off the page, why not book a 5-minute tour of Digital Theatre+ to see how we can transform your teaching (and save you a lot of time in the process)!